Business scope

International trade

The transaction of goods and services across the border is generally composed of import trade and export trade, so it can also be called import and export trade. International trade is also called world trade. Import and export trade can adjust the utilization rate of domestic production factors, improve the relationship between international supply and demand, adjust the economic structure, and increase fiscal revenue.

Teaching and research work in the field of international trade, management work of government departments, business work of trade institutions, etc. specifically, they can be engaged in customs declaration, inspection, logistics (goods lending) and other work. Judging from the employment situation over the years, there are also some graduate students majoring in international trade from some schools who are employed in institutions such as management consulting and investment banking.

  1. Engaged in import and export business of professional foreign trade company;
  2. Engaged in import and export business of all kinds of self operated import and export production enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc;
  3. Engaged in import and export business of all kinds of foreign-funded enterprises;
  4. Engaged in all kinds of professional customs declaration, cargo and other international logistics work;

Overseas Engineering

Engineering is a kind of application of science and mathematics. Through this application, the characteristics of material and energy in nature can be made through various structures, machines, products, systems and processes. It is to make efficient, reliable and useful things for human beings in a short time and with less manpower and material resources. It is the general term of various disciplines formed by applying the theory of natural science to specific industrial and agricultural production departments.

All branches of engineering have the following main functions:

1. Research: apply the concepts, principles and experimental techniques of mathematics and natural science to explore new working principles and methods.

2. Development: to solve all kinds of problems in the process of applying research results to practice.

3. Design: select different methods, specific materials and determine the design scheme that meets the technical requirements and performance specifications to meet the requirements of structure or product.

Shipping business

When a ship engaged in the transportation of goods in international trade is operating between ports in the world, when it calls at a port other than the location of the ship owner or the ship operator, the ship owner or the ship operator will not be able to take care of the operation business related to the ship in person.

There are two ways to solve this problem: the first is to set up a branch of the ship owner or the ship operator in the relevant port; the second is to entrust the ship owner or the ship operator with an agency or individual specialized in ship operation and service in the relevant port, that is, to entrust the ship agent to handle these businesses. In the current shipping practice, due to the limitation of financial resources or energy, ship owners or ship operators are unable to set up branches for the ships they own or operate in the ports where they may call. Moreover, due to the different shipping policies of various countries, the method of entrusting ship agents to handle the relevant business has become a more economical and effective method.

Bidding Business

Under the condition of bidding and contracting in the market economy, the mode of bidding and contracting for construction projects is adopted. Bidding and tendering are two aspects of the trading process. Bidding company is a general oral term in the industry, which generally refers to the bidding agency. The bidding agency is qualified, which refers to the social intermediary organization established according to law, engaged in bidding agency business and providing related services. There are six kinds of bidding procurement agency qualifications in China.

1. It is the bidding agency for construction projects,

2. It is the bidding agency of communication construction project,

3. It is an international bidding agency for mechanical and electrical products,

4. It is the bidding agent for projects invested by the central government,

5. It is the bidding agent for science and technology projects,

6. It is a government procurement agency.